DH MotorSport

The World is our playground!

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The team could not manage without the following sponsors:

WR Damp
Do you need heat and/or hot water? WR Damp supplies hot water and steam units for all purposes. 

If you need a new race engine or fine-tune your own Ktech is the best in class to help you out with his dynapack test bench. Ktech can also provide many spare part for your race engine.

These guys can do anything with renovating an engine! Cylinder- and Engine-service at it's best.

Mogens Jensen
Do you need anything done with at truck? Please call Mogens Jensen Vognmandsforretning.

Toni's Dekoration & Reklame
Did you notice all the cool advertises on the drift-car and wan't something similar? Just contact Toni and she'll help you out.

City Autolak
City Autolak work literal 24/7 and do paint-jobs on all with wheels. Don't look at our quick paint-job on our racecar - these guys do much better than this!

Want to be part of our indispensable Sponsors?
Please go ahead and contact us right away - you'll not regret it :-)
Check out some more details here.